Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hmm...nice shape

To do list:
Heal these stupid ribs.
Pay off the last credit card this winter.
Take a crack at the unfaired hour this fall.
Buy an SRM crankset
Buy a highracer.
Train for the real hour attempt next year.
Finish scouting and noting the IA West-East UMCA record attempt route
Notify UMCA, find and official, set up the crew, and set a record with the Cuda.
Build a frame jig.
Build a couple Gritters copies.
Rebuild the Zoteliner frame and shell subframe. Finish the shell.
Play with Vivak windsheilds/bubbles.
Stock up on Vivak, Dibond, Choroplast, Zotefoam, Steel tubing, fiberglass and epoxy.
Build a back to back tandem. And a shell for it.
Stop falling over.