Friday, November 17, 2006

Checklist revisited

NorthEast IA, sweet views. First snow. Thanks Lee and Andrea!

To do list:
Heal these stupid ribs. -3weeks off the bike did the trick. Now where'd I put my fitness?
Pay off the last credit card this winter. -winter's not over yet, heck it hasn't even started snowing yet. Progress is being made.
Take a crack at the unfaired hour this fall.-yea, note the two previous items on the list. Track rental is expensive.
Buy an SRM crankset-somehow...this still needs to happen...somehow...
Buy a highracer.-as much as I would love to buy an Aero, I think I'm going to have to settle for building one.
Train for the real hour attempt next year.-in progress, from base level.
Finish scouting and noting the IA West-East UMCA record attempt route-check, sh92, rough.
Notify UMCA, find and official, set up the crew, and set a record with the Cuda.-check(pending UMCA approval) Not fast enough though.
Build a frame jig.-check, yea check it out, sweet.

Build a couple Gritters copies. -gettin components together, gotta work on the brazing skills so I don't smoke that high zoot thinwall tube though. On the search for SA drum brakes.
Rebuild the Zoteliner frame and shell subframe. -practice, here ya go. 16' of 2" x.049 should be showing up early next week along with some 1/16th brass and some decent flux(used powder flux and 1/8brass for the last one. No wonder I was burnin tubes)
Finish the shell. -need to order some small tube to redo the shell subframe, then<-
Play with Vivak windsheilds/bubbles.Stock up on Vivak, Dibond, Choroplast, Zotefoam, Steel tubing, fiberglass and epoxy. -looks like I need to find a sign shop sponsorship. Need more funds. Dear Santa, please bring me a roll of Vivak, a bunch of thinwall 4130, and some Zotefoam.....wha?..right.
Build a back to back tandem. And a shell for it. -well at least I've got the jig to do it.
Stop falling over. -just falling in a different way. but not a new way.


wish I could find no truth in this skit

no matter which way you read it

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

UMCA IA West -East record attempt

275miles at 25.6mph
2-3mph NW winds, gusting to 10mph
10,979feet of climbing
56deg avg temp
27.6mph moving avg

New UMCA faired recumbent IA West to East state crossing record(pending certification of the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association)