Monday, March 10, 2008

Signs of sproing

Two rides last weekend. 64miles worth of mock commuting Saturday and 104 miles of South Van Buren county exploration.

Lessons learned:
It takes me two hours to get to work by bike via the 90% gravel low traffic route.
Henry Co pave roads are flat, but their gravels are not.
I like fenders.
Stans Crows don't do ice well, but they roll right along on everything else.
Topofusion is cool.
Swapping in tubes and playing in Stans in below ferezing weather on the side of a gravel road at night... yea, that still sucks.
You can get 20,000 feet of elevation change in 160miles in SE IA.
Riding in the ditch isn't all that bad.
I found the boonies, they're just down the road.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008


After having a hard drive crash losing all my chainring CAD and CAM files, and then having a series of floppy discs fail losing my back-ups of said files, I've finally upgraded to a thumb drive. Now to draw up all the other bolt pattern and size variations, consolidate and eliminate all my floppy drive crap....Simpler IS better. Yay for thumb drives.