Monday, December 24, 2007

Steady state

Saturday's gravel ride: 3 hours, 30 miles. and half of that was pavement. Gotta love headwinds and mud. I'm happy to see snow and ice again.

Subaru is in the break in period. Only a couple of minor leaks. I think I've got them all dried up. Gauges are en route.

The next project is almost together already.

The moon is out bright, beautiful night for a ride. Time to go burn off some cookies.

Happy Holidays,

Friday, December 14, 2007

Off to Nationals we go

The Subaru is oh so close to being back together, should be back on the road next week. I should have the fuel pump back in the Fox and be well under way on the Jetta rebuild then too. Then all I'll have left to do is fix the carb problem and brakes on the Microbus and start on the Syncro project. It's always good to have a money pit or five...

CX Nationals is this week. I'll be heading down for the SS race Sunday. Conditions look to be just super. I had also signed up for the U29 race Thusday, but my late season financial and pysical status didn't permit any of that nonsense. The good news is I've been off the bike for two weeks, so I should be super fresh....


Sunday, December 02, 2007


Yee haa, we're havin' fun now! One more paycheck and I should be cookin again.

Want a tour of what the internals of a WRX looks like? Pics here.

In other news:

Jingle Cross was a blast. Great course, great fans, super cool humble elite racers both local and not so local. Thanks to all who help put it together, and thanks to John Meehan for starting it in the first place. We'll miss you're enthusiasm John.
It was great seeing a slew of friends I've not seen in awhile. Thanks to Kyle and Robin(or is it Robin and Kyle?)Williams for hosting me. Good times.

The midwest winter training weather has officially arrived. Ice and rain, 30-40degrees, 15-35mph winds, perfect.