Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Getting closer

Well at least I've ridden the Tour Quickly a couple of times now. I've got to get a good distance ride in on it sometime this week to make sure all is well and fix that annoying chain to fender rattle, otherwise so far so good. The trailer is finished and functions quite nicely. A little heavier than I was hoping, but so is the bike. The car seems to pull it just fine and hey, it matches...sorta.

Nose is on and reinforced, using Pex tubing as reinforcement. Two hoops and lateral reinforcement bars on the sides. Now how to make the the front wheel turn without ruining the aerodynamics, hiding the jockey wheels, mounting the tail, and woking on lights.
Front pex reinforcement tube.
Pinstripeing with Plastidip. Sticks to Zote, flexes, doesn't rub off immediately.
Epoxy painting the frame.

Recommended reading: Hoerner's Fluid Dynamics, Tamai's The Leading Edge, The Paterek Bicycle Framebuilding Manual. Masses of knowledge in an understandable format.

Secret weapons: 12Ah 14.8v polymer Lithium Ion battery, tiny superlight 13W Metal halide helmet light, all the bits and pieces to wire up the bike with flashers ect.
Inside the trailer. Home away from home, eh? I don't have any daytime pics of the outside yet, just happy to have it finished at this point.
So my friend Dave Balfour, his friend Becky, and I attended the 2006 HPRA race directors meeting last Saturday. I am now officially directing an HPRA race at Hawkeye Downs Speedway September 16-17, 2006. And now I've got to work out the details...coming soon....Warren :)


the helping friendly book said...

you are sooooo, officially, my hero.

fun news about hawkeye downs...awesome.

nice vw.

Neve_r_est said...

Yea, that Syncro is my future home. As soon as I stuff a motor in it and get rid of the cat smellthat is. Work in progress. The Microbus is being forced to sit outside.

Whats the status of the Friday night fixie rides? I've got a beater fixie thrown back together to make due till I get the Raliegh repaired.

Tater said...

hey that is close to your birthday

Neve_r_est said...

hey that is close to your birthday

So you'll have to race for pie and ice cream.

the helping friendly book said...

fix rides are still on....

leaving at 5.30 from the shop. usually we don't go further than the mall in c'ville before we turn around. then back to i.c. for some dabs and eats. good times.

Neve_r_est said...

So is the Friday night fixie ride on Wednesday or Thursday night?

NoCom_AA said...

Wow Dennis,
That is some amazing and complex work. Nice job!!

I had no idea you were racing fully faired at ultra events. Good to see you taking things up to the next level.

Good luck with the rest of the streamliner assembly, racing at the Florida ultra, TTs and the HPV races this season.


the helping friendly book said...

yeah buddy. actually the fix ride is monday this semester...

works best with everyones schedules. this week still wed. though. then on to monday for a while.