Tuesday, December 12, 2006


So I was tagged by Amanda. Normally chain mail goes in the trash, but it is Amanda's 20th birthday so .... i suppose it's the thought that counts. Six interesting things you may not know about me, hmm.

1) I have a somewhat obsessive personality, with very few compulsive influences. Everything I do is typically thought over many times whether it be purchases, hobbies, or life in general. When I am interested in something I explore every facet of it. With these traits I can attribute most of my success(cycling) and failure(relationships).

2) I've been on wheels nearly since birth. In my early childhood I spent a year or two recovering from having my legs crushed in a farm accident by pedaling around the house on a tricycle. I started riding atvs when I was 12 and was bored with that by highschool when I picked up my first real bike, a 1979 Raliegh Gran Prix. First century(on the gravel roads around my house) when I was 16.

3)I have broken three bike frames and three separate forks in the last 15 months, yet I have never knocked a wheel out of true more than 1/4". One of those frames was the 1979 Raliegh during a cross race last year. I miss that bike.

4)I used to be easily mistaken for a hippie. My first vehicle was a 1966 VW microbus with a 1/4" of finger paint on it(I still have it) and my hair was down to my waist. However I have never done any drugs, took one year to explore alcohol and found it repulsive(aside from its moral negatives), and never had a grade lower than a B- (aside from band, skipped the individual practices, too shy) and made Deans list 3 out of 4 semesters while acquiring my associates in precision machining.

5)I own five VWs, a Suburu, enough parts to assemble at least three more VWs, 4 mtbs, two road bikes, and two streamlined recumbents. Half of my uprights are single speeds.

6) I couldn't swim until two years ago and I still can't tread water. I decided I should learn about a year after buying my kayak when I decided I would like to try a few triathlons.

There you go, that was really more than six things, but I told you I was obsessive.
Now go tag yourself.



Anonymous said...

whoa...ur hair was longer than hamsackers!

Neve_r_est said...

Those pics were after I had it cut.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sounds cool, heard you've been tearing it up back home. Congrats on the W-E record, glad it was an HPV, as that still leaves the recumbent record open. You should talk to John Schlitter at Bacchetta, especially for the UMCA stuff. Also, since you're into VW, check out my dad's site http://www.classicvw.org he's got tons of NOS as he bought out Jerry's bug shop in Des Moines. Good luck with both the bikes and bents, and give JS a call! FC508 was fun this year. :)

Neve_r_est said...

Yes mr. Wolfe, it did look as though Bacchetta had quite the showing at the 508.

I've known JS for a few years now, I consider him a friend and a good portion of the reason I'm riding bent today. No doubt some day when I find the spare funds I'll end up with an Aero. Till then I'll just have to make do with the homebuilts.

If your father is looking for more to add to his collection, I would be willing to part with most of what I have.


sydney_b said...

Ur and interesting fellow, Dennis, and that pic of your storage room and neatly ordered backpacks etc. gives me something to which to aspire. :)