Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fun with Dacron and inclimate weather

Spring was here last Wednesday. Made for a nice, messy, recovery ride.

Back to reality Thursday. Rollers are nice...

More good building weather.

Dacron wheel covers for the lowracer.

A couple more wheelsets to cover.

Gonna make a 700c set to see how they hold up on the larger wheel.

A few more details to work on in the streamliner.

Revamping shell mounts for quicker repairs, landing gear maintainance done,

new seat in the works.

Other news

Sounds like I might be doing a few more road ultras than I had initially planned this season. Maybe in conjunction of yet another team.

Renued my RUSA membership, signed up for the UMCA Year Rounder mileage challenge.

Think I'll try to get a full set of brevets in. One or two KC, One IA, and as many of the Boulder brevet series as I can make.

No, I am not doing RAAM.

Just thinking about that makes my bones ache and my budget shiver.

I do want to do RAO though.


And if you haven't heard this is coming up.



randy said...

Bacchetta? Is the nonconformist cyclist conforming? Say it ain't so!

Just kidding. They've got a nice club going over there. They're not stupid for recruiting the young talent. Sometimes, when I forget I'm a loner, I feel the draw of an Aero myself.

Neve_r_est said...

Right tool for the right job is all. I need a lightweight for the climbing events.

And team events are hard to do without a team. Just so happens I already have some friends on this one.


mtb05girl said...

weather for this weekend (sunday) looks pretty nice...u going to be around? i'm trying to round up some people for a longerish ride. let me know

Neve_r_est said...

Should be.

I'm either gonna do the KC 200k Brevet or Squirrel's Hilly Hundie on Saturday, but I should be good to go on Sunday as well.

You wanna do a brevet Saturday? Good training. You're always welcome to come along if ya want.

Road, gravel, or mud on Sunday?


Jill said...

That's a full schedule.

The thought of all of these ultra-road events makes my head spin. Hopefully I will get a change to try one someday.

mtb05girl said...

probably road. might talk the usual tues/thurs folks into coming out if possible. i dont know for how far. i was thinking mepo loop (50miles or so). i gotta work on saturday. and i jammed my pinky lastnight on a road ride. damn potholes! it hurts bad and im kinda hoping i didn't break it.