Monday, May 21, 2007

Ramblings of The Good Life

Spent the weekend hangin out with Sydney and Marc. Good times. A little TT action at the NE State 40k TT Saturday, another spaceship sighting in another rural town.... Giggle all you want about my 30mph wind gust induced wobbling, but it sure was fun cresting hills at 40mph ;) 40K@43:20 in the streamer.
Syd kicked some ass with a 1:03 40k for this hilly, windy thing. Good thing I was cheatin, she would have handed me my ass as well. Nice.

I opted to stop at Swanson Sunday for a little dirt. Almost made a meal of it a couple times, where'd the training go? Went for a ride, finished 7th Expert open.

Ah, 'bout time to reboot the training plan I'm thinking. Next level please...

Memorial day weekend races next weekend....road rash roulette or world domination? Right.



sydney_b said...

world domination. Let's all agree to avoid any cases of road rash. :)

Twas so nice to see you, Dennis!

MOD said...

Good seeing you this weekend bro. nice racing. See you soon I'm sure.

mtb05girl said...

The face doesn't look so hot. My neck and shoulders are in pain. Other than that I'm fine. Heck I even went on the group ride tonight :) I didn't finish with the group, but won a sprint. On 99 after the turn around I decided I should turn it down a notch.

Neve_r_est said...

Good deal. You're a lucky girl, whiplash and road rash are pretty minor penalties in the list of could have beens. I'm really happy to hear you're alright.

I was planning on making it to the ride tonight, but I got to help look for lost cattle and prep the streamliner for repairs instead.

Maybe I'll see you Thursday.