Thursday, July 19, 2007

Repeat after me "Rubber side down......"

Good luck to those at Stupor week, er, Super Week.

Unfortunately I'm super weak this season, so this is not my ball game. Not that road racing ever was, or will be, as I'm also chicken of large packs and tactically retarded.

Race smart, race safe, have fun.


Also good luck to JS and SK on RAO this weekend.


mtb05girl said...

Is that before or after the rain? Thanks for the good luck! Don't be scared of big groups. They are fun once you get comfortable in them. Some awesome training though. Have fun this weekend helping out the rents and see ya Tuesday!

Neve_r_est said...

During. I'll put the rest in the Picasa account later, but this one was the best.

Everyone has weaknesses to work on. I'll have to get better at pack riding if I'm going to go anywhere with my road training. No doubt in my mind that I need the training now.

Remember to be in the breakaway. If no one works, make them.

Maybe I'll get some building done this weekend.


sydney_b said...

Rubber side down until the last coupla of days. Sunday, a group went down in front of me. No where to go. Got back in to be part of an ultimately unsuccessful breakaway attempt. Sigh.