Monday, September 03, 2007

Ultra Midwest 24hour

More fun in the streamliner.
465 miles, 1st overall.
Forgot to swap the 12-27 back to the 11-34. 53x28 for a low gear is not kind. Had to stop every two laps to try to keep from bruising my feet. At least it wasn't the old course, that would have killed me.
Too much pre-race fatigue added up to me taking a nap at about 2am, no good for me during a road ultra. Spent three solid laps sleep riding after that, ping pong off the lines.
I've regressed on my fueling. 465 miles on half the Sustained/Heed mix I should have consumed, half pound of grapes, and a small tin of caffinated breath mints(who knew?).

I should have finished well over 500miles, but I just didn't play it right for that.

Well run event as all Ultra Midwest events are. Lots of fellow Bacchetta and ultradistance friends present. And for once a decent number of under 40yo folks. Even a 13yo in the six hour!

Next up: Hawkeye Downs HPRA September 15-16th


Anonymous said...

happy b-day old man

Neve_r_est said...

ditto Master.