Saturday, January 12, 2008


Well the holidays have gone and so has winter, and then it came again, but now it is once again gone.... sort of. Lucky for me I've invested in even more technology in the quest to make myself slower and even more unstopable, studded tires. Just in time for all the ice and snow to melt away, leaving two inch deep gumbo clay/soup gravel roads and high humidity 40degree headwinds to remind me it's still winter-ish. Riding outside in these conditions almost garauntees that I'll get to spend as much time maintaining my drivetrains as I do riding. Almost makes me want to ride the trainer, which I am anyways, sometimes.

Riding outside today at my standard 40-70rpm on my studded tire clad, Rohloff equipped, fourty pound battle axe my friend Steve says I should have this tattoed on myself somewhere to remind me of my true nature: "Single Speeds are all about being under prepared and drinking beer. The less technology and effort the better. I don't remember Vikings having Thrust and Blow Meters on their battle axes. SS'ing is pain, regret, poor gear choice, hangover-laden excuses, facial hair, negligence, piss-poor maintenance, death, and mad skilz that most certainly pay the bilz"--- Rich "Dicky" Dillan Problems being: I was riding gears, I don't drink, I'm usually overprepared, I do have a Thrust and Blow meter on my battle axe, I cut the excess hair off long ago, and my bike skilz don't pay much of anything. Guess all I'm left with is a disrespect for shifting and the "retarded monkey riding style" The good news is I think I've figured out how to set the Powertap up fixed gear....

The other good news is my VW Jetta turbo diesel has risen from the ashes like a good pheonix should, and I am now on the path of +45mpg -65mph driving again.
The other bad news is I melted my other my other pheonix down on a snow drifted road and now I get to rebuid it again. Oh well, it came apart alot faster this time. Too bad its going to take so much more time to put it back together$$$$. Maybe I can keep my licence if I promise only to drive cars under 100hp for the next four months.



Anonymous said...

The bus is whispering, "Rebuild me". Mon-Key and The Bus, the Dynamic Duo of Donnellson.


Neve_r_est said...

Hippie. That would be the dynamic touring duo. I'm still trying to get the dynamic racing duo back together. Soon enough.

Hooray for deterred judgements, -65 till 2009.