Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Organic hybrid V1

Part of my solution. A few bugs to work out yet, but ultimately a huge step in the right direction for my circumstances.

More pics here.



mattonne said...

Holy chainsaw Batman! Bring that to the next group ride and motor pace us!

Ari said...

That is why we haven't heard from you in a long time. You have been working on our Petroleum problem. Please send one of you models to the Washington.
from Sycamore.

Andy said...

So what does it run on, chocolate milk and homemade cookies?

Carney said...

Nice! How loud is that puppy? I mounted an old weed whipper engine on a skateboard when I was younger and that baby could be heard coming down the street a mile away.

Anonymous said...


Your steed looks worthy for your honorable task. All that is missing is duct tape and baling twine.



Neve_r_est said...

Matt: In due time. Don't think I won't.

Ari: Yep, still refining. And still trying to train.

Andy: yes, only premium fuels.

Carney: Quieter than the equivelent 2cycle, but louder than I would like. It kinda sounds like a teeny tiny dirtbike. I'll be researching how to muffle the thing without screwing up the backpressure after I get it rolling. It has to be quieter before it goes in a streamliner.

LymRo: the tape and wire is in the bags. What it is really missing is the container recovery system so I can double my income picking up cans on the way to and from work;)


Anonymous said...


My Grandpa used to use a broken off broom stick with a tin cup attached at the end to pick up fallen apples off the tree. He did this while riding his orchard tractor.

Riding the pine,