Sunday, November 30, 2008

Welcome to CX weather

Got some miles in Thursday: 40 in the forest on the newly rigid Monkey and 60 on gravel on the SS CX.

Rode from home up to IA City for Jingle CX on Friday. Nice little 9 hour bikepacking practice day, 15lb pack with all my gear for three days on my back. Saturdays' race was alright, though I could definitely feel Thursday and Friday in my legs. Course was slimy in spots, but mostly frozen.

Sunday was much, much more entertaining. Inch or two of snow and rain made the course worthy of true CX racing, much drifting, sliping, and laughing ensued.
Amanda Miller rocked the womens elite field with her mad mud skillz taking the win.

Syd took a well earned third.

A few more pics of the weekend here.

Geoff's crash.

and another view of that:

Good times.


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