Sunday, July 04, 2010


It's taking me a bit to get back in blog mode, so these last two posts here will be a work in progress. The raw data is here, but there is alot to think about behind that data. While all the many races this past winter and spring have had their lessons to be learned, TransWisconsin was the first I've felt warrants a complete writeup. So many things learned. Now to get them on this page...

The pictures(with captions).

The main website and audio updates

The Data(with some description on the Garmin page):
Day 1 112miles
Day 2 120miles
Day 3 120miles The day of sand, missing completely from my GPS. This annoys the crap out of me.
Day 4~90miles?
Day 5 140miles
Long damn day, less to do with mileage more to do with route.
Day 6 160miles
Mother. Rain, rain go away.
Day 7 Fin

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Kurt said...

Awesome job, Dennis. I know how you feel about getting a complete write-up down on paper...err...keyboard? I've meant to do the same after my last few big adventures, but it's always a huge challenge to sit down and get it done when there's so much more looming on the horizon! Good luck with it...I look forward to reading.