Sunday, December 18, 2005

First shell and lowracer mockup

So, I have my first Zotefoam shell molded, albiet unfitted, hence unfinished.
As soon as I get my lowracer finished I will fit the shell to myself and the bike, and do the final trimming. I am not happy with my first seams as they are not all that straight and kinda lumpy. However, I am improving with each seam as I have found new ways to ease, speed, and improve construction.
The shell came out quite nicely. Suprisingly self supporting, I should not have to reinforce the shell much at all. All in all, it is quite smooth, and should make for a smokin fast HPRA/TT/Ultra marathon 'liner.

Next up is finalizing and buiding the lowracer, molding a Vivac windscreen, and thinking about bombay doors or jockey wheels for starting and stopping.


Doug Morency said...

Will you be selling these bodies?

if not do you have and CAD Drawings of the Diablo.


Neve_r_est said...

Well..... I will be building a few complete bikes, and a few seperate shells for eventually I may get to a production stage. But prolly not for a bit. I need to streamline the process a bit and fix some minor details that are bugging me before I am ready to offer these to the general public.

I do not currently have any cad drawings of any Varna(Just happen to have the Varna 2 sitting in my shed, thanks to my teamate Dave Balfour) I'm not sure there are any CAD drawings of any of Georgiev's Varnas as they are all hand built.

Sean Noonan said...

dude, you should start selling them. Then you could stop complaining about being poor and how much it costs to drive your Subie from nowhere, IA to a race.


scottiemc2 said...

i think there's a very nice target market for them in taiwan(it rains a lot)...come to think of it production would probably be extremely cheap over here and technology is very good...or i have a good friend in mainland china that might be interested in producing them as well...

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