Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Where we roll, buddy.

Gonna miss the cool dudes who couldn't make it.

But I think It'll be every bit as epic this year. Whole new passle of like nuts.

Hope to avoid having to use the McGuyver skills this time.

In other news: New arrival in the family. More details on that later. Time to finish packing.

O yea, and an interesting thought for you next time you're buzzed by a careless motorist:

"I too have chased down idiots in cars. Screaming at them is never satisfying enough as they don't care. Next time I'll likely do what a friend of a friend once did... He beat the motorist and then U-locked him by the neck to a parking meter and dropped the keys down the sewer." -boulderbird



Pete Basso said...

Good luck down there Dennis, no broken frames this year...or flats!! Have a great weekend, "Yea Buddy".

randy said...

Have fun with the Corsa. One of my secret fantasies is to really trick one out aerodynamically.

the helping friendly book said...

good luck buddy!

i'd be there in a heartbeat if i could. consider me jealous.

Cornbread said...

Dude, how fast can you average on this bad daddy? Is this the future of American transportation?

Neve_r_est said...

Oh, its fast. You're talking about the house boat, right?