Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Beautiful weekend at the Ouachita Challenge.
Finished up 28th this year with a couple of stops to play with some sidewall pinholes. Not too shabby. The goal was top 30. But you know I must've watched 15 people go by while I was dinking with that.....guess I'll have to come back next year and fix that ;)

Big congrats to Sydney Brown on her first place women's finish. Her fourth mtb race and she smoked 'em. Almost caught me. Beautiful.
Huge thanks to Squirrel for hooking the cabin up, helping get the group together, sharing the travel costs, and cutting down on my driving time. Heal that Achilles up buddy.
Alright, back on the run. Gotta go pick up the Coslinger for this coming weekend's Speed Championships.


Cornbread said...

Great job Dennis! Good to see ya again. Those pics rule.

sydney_b said...

yeah great pics! Hey, good luck @ the speed champs!

mtb05girl said...

no group ride tonight?? what's up with that?? it's ok...only 1 other person showed up beside nick, tracy, and i. damn wind. we just rode around town.

awesome job this past weekend!

Neve_r_est said...

It was great hanging out with the NE folks. I can hardly wait to do it again.

A- I took a week off to drive my car....this wind is killing my gas mileage. You missed the first NATO?


mtb05girl said...

Yes. missed first NATO. sprinting into a 25mph+ headwind doesn't sound too appealing to me.

BikerB said...

Yeah awesome pics. I love hanging out with NE folks. Any one interested, just leave a comment on my blog www.bikerkiss.com/blogs/blogs