Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Useful objects

Some neat stuff I've come across lately: Aixro XR 50 rotory 30lbs/50HP perfect motor for your daily driver....streamliner.

And if you insist on owning a car, at least make it a streamlined one: Loremo

OLPC A good cause and an innovative tool. Perfect self contained bike tour tool for the tech long as you don't mind Linux. Quarq Another powermeter, only this one is actually being built with data management and compatability in mind. Pricy, maybe I should ask for a sponsorship now. And please make one for the Rotor RS4X thank you.

Dark Roasted Blend
Not exactly a recent find for me, but if you don't know about this site you should check it out. Hours of entertaining and interesting stuff. Best collection of art and car chases I know of.


Oh yea, last weekend was the second set of IA CX races. Saturday was a plague of off camber, walnut covered, endless switchbacks and I finished well and felt strong. Sunday was a wide open mostly simple smooth course. I started with nothing in the tank, fell on my ass, dropped a chain, and finished poorly. Both days were fun and painfull. Can't wait till the next one. Hopefully I recover by then.

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