Thursday, August 28, 2008


Lots of work being done to version one:

$375 for a doublestand? Screw that, build it.

Folds up nice too.

Nuvinci hub finally showed up...

...but the tension bar didn't line up with the Xtracycle der hole and there wasn't enough room under the shifter pod to get any sort of chain tensioner in there. So I made that too.

Shimano DH-3D71 Nexus disc brake dyno hub, for my upcoming dyno powered DIY led headlight.

Made another integrated light mount/stem faceplate for said upcoming DIY light.

Innertube seals to keep the dust, water, and grime out of the V-rack tubes.

I've also had to swap all bolts to stainless, remake rear idler cog in stainless, make an offset cog for the Nuvinci hub in stainless to match my jackshaft's chainline, replace the jackshaft and rear idler bearings with better sealed bearings, replace the creaking ISIS crankset with a square taper crankset, and paint everything thats not stainless to stave off the massive amount of corrosive crap this bike is aparently riding through.

It rained all day last Thursday, and I got to ride through it. Gravels turned to mud roads by the end of the day. I think whatever the county is putting on their gravels is toxic. Definitely found my design flaws in a hurry. Everything has to be built highly non-corrosive, well sealed, and preferably enclosed. I've still got some thinking to do on how I'm gonna enclose my driveline, but I've gotta do it. That is the plan for the belt drive on V2 anyhows so I may as well get the thought process started.

Beats the alternative.



Ari said...

Utterly amazing. I am so glad to have met you.

Vik said...

Nice centre stand...=-)

Mawell said...

Indeed! Any more detailed pics of the centerstand? Any issues you ran into building it? I'm thinking of welding one up for my Dummy. The curved feet look like a nice touch :)

Neve_r_est said...

The centerstand is basically a varient of Val Klietz's design. Couple more pics of my centerstand in my picasa site. The link is up under my profile box.