Monday, August 04, 2008

Tour to Boone Race Metric

Squirrel's ride to race rig.

The OHV1 loaded.

80lbs of bike + 50lbs of camp gear + 27lb race bike + 40x18 on the Xtra = just right for the flat gravels. The bike has officially passed the load test.

No, I didn't use the motor at all during the metric. Yes I did use it to get into Boone and back into 7 Oaks after the metric was earned.

I managed to whack myself in the foot with a mcloud Saturday doing trailwork, left a cool lookin' square bruise. Sat around with the "Boone fishing council" in the afternoon. And completely lost my mojoe when the the race rolled around Sunday. Way too hot, with way too little time on dirt, and way too little time at XC race pace, equals just try to survive without passing out or crashing out deep in the woods. The North shore bridges, once more extended climbs, and water saturated hillsides made for some interesting slow speed tech for me anyways. Too bad I was melting.
I'm ready for winter, at least I can dress for that.


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Joe said...

Way to go!! Ride Loaded!!