Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fall HPV race season

Well my HPV race at Hawkeye Downs is coming up in about a week. Man, I hope somebody shows up, track rates went up and I'm playing Russian roulet with the the weather even more here in October. But the track's in good shape, the bikes are prepped, the goodies are baking.

I'll be testing a Nuvinci hub in the Cuda for my upcoming streamliner build. I've been pretty happy with the performance of the one I've got on my assisted longtail, it's definitely held up to some abuse. Now it's time to see how efficient it really is in the race bike. If it passes the test it will allow me to build a much needed much wider gear range on the next liner for some of the more difficult events I have planned. I've got a plan for the new liner worked out, and I'm in the process of gathering components before the build starts. I'm hoping to have the bike part finished out before the end of November, and have a good bit of progress on the fairing plug before the end of the year.

In other liner testing/impromptu race news I'm thinking about doing the Track and Back charity ride in the liner as a way of getting on the IA Speedway for a few laps and possibly finding some contacts for a chance at organizing an HPV race there. 7/8's mile NASCAR track with a road course inside it, that would make a sweet HPRA venue. In the mean time, anybody else wanna show up in DsM Oct 18th and do a little impromptu 100mile ultra race with some hot laps on the track in the middle? There's food at the track and sag stops along the way. The route out to Newton and back will be plenty challenging I'm guessing. I rode through that area last weekend and there are some killer hills out there.


I'm still setting on a pile of stuff, check it out.


Steve Fuller said...

Big hills out that way for sure, but it's a good ride. It's not a race, but there should be some people that are willing to hammer hard for the duration of the ride.

Neve_r_est said...

It's not a race, but it could be.


Ari said...

Last nigth I ran into some Moose mitts/Pogies for drop handlebars. I did not bookmark the page and cannot find it. DO you have any ideas??