Thursday, October 09, 2008

Like minds

I've been finding alot of inspiring reading lately. Really cool folks living right and thinking left. Maybe someday I'll run into a few of them.

Andrei Codrescu. It's like he's reading my mind, and recently, forcasting my future.

Kent Peterson. Bike druid. I only wish I could get my thoughts out on the page as eliquently as he does: "Wiser men than us have noted that you don't have adventures by sticking to the main roads and staying at the Holiday Inn. Our planes and automobiles have made it possible for us to go anywhere and see nothing, but our simpler, slower means of conveyance, our feet and our bicycles and wind-powered boats, still connect us to this earth that is not ours to master, but to treasure." See what I mean?

Micheal and Emilie. Living simply, simply living. Awsome. I've already got the vanagon...

Ward and Jacky Budweg. Fellow Iowans. I knew they were on tour for a couple of years, I didn't realize they sold their house and everything, and went..... everywhere!

Eric Parsons is always doing fun stuff and building interesting equipement.

The Long Road North. Awsome site, can't wait to see the film. Here's the trailer:

Erin and Higs Another awsome site. Erin just blew my mind with her last post. One little detail that really changes a big part of their trip. Congrats to them.

Some of the News, Most of the time. I hate political crap, but this is my new political news source.

And just in case you give a crap about the financial fiasco, heres a good explaination:


Yard sale is still growing strong, more stuff found, check it out. Free shipping to Hawkeye Downs this weekend if you contact me... now.


randy said...

Hi Dennis,

as much as I share your interest in unorthodox living I have come to realize that too much thinking "left" makes it much harder to live right. If it weren't for the "evil-right" thinker/doers I'm pretty sure I would be stuck back in the Stone Age with no computer or steel, carbon fiber and rubber to build and ride bikes. It is only because so many people live "wrong" that I'm afforded the opportunity to live how I see fit. Be careful of what you seem to be asking for.

Neve_r_est said...

Your funny, Randy.