Monday, April 23, 2012

Adventure by bike

With the big dance of spring(TI) a week away I've been sorting through my gear again, both for standard gravel events and my multiday setup(since It's basically the same plus camp gear)
* = room for weight savings or other improvement

Gear kit:

Jandd frame pack 176g*(diy Cuban fiber version 40g)
SL Tube 116g(w/valve extender) wrap around mini tool and batteries
Patch kit (glue, patches, sand paper, razor blade) 16g
Needle and thread(floss) 15g Superglue 2g(ampule, for glueing skin and tires back together)
Masterlink 2g
Aleve/Advil 2g
Dumond tech chain lube 20g (15ml bottle)
Spare batteries for GPS 30g(Lithium primaries)
Toewarmers 26g
Phone/camera HTC Rezound w/double capacity battery 196g
Money 10g
Lip balm 4g
Snack bag ziplock for phone/money/lip balm 2g
Mini tool(Leyzne carbon 10 80g)
Leyzne HV drive pump 98g* w/duct tape wrap (carbon version 88g)
Food (shot blocks 62g/100cal)*
Light rain jacket 180g* (cuben jacket 145g)
Wool Buff 52g* (Coolmax Buff 37g)
MLD rain mitts 37g* (zpacks cuben mitts 23g)
Leg warmers(no zippers) 120g*
2-3liters fluid(2 24oz bottles Polar150g*(1L SmartWater bottle 34g)+ 1liter bladder)
200lumen Led lenser headlamp(tied to helmet) 108g
Fenix TK 35 970lumens, 2 18650s (350g w/batteries)
Custom light mount
Superflash taillight(w/rubber band secured) 50g
Garmin Oregon 450 200g

Pretty much all but the bottles and lights fits in the Jandd frame pack. Barely.

Giro Prolight helmet 202g
Oakley Jawbones w/transition lens 26g
Sidi Dominator 5s w/ time cleats
Desoto Forza tri bib 150g
Rab MeCo 120 ls 160g
Swiftwick socks 45g
Giro rivet gloves 44g
Illuminite hat 50g (BikeIA cycling cap 30g)

Add for multi day:
Revelate seat bag 392g*(Cuban fiber model forthcoming)
Pacific Outdoor Classic AC Air mat(full length 430g)
Bilgy tarp tent720g*(sub modded momentum 50 bivy)
Ti stakes 6g ea, alu 12g ea total 98g*
Poles 156g*(carbon poles)
Sea to summit mummy liner 242g
Down quilt 512g*
Cuben fiber stuff sack for pillow(fill with spare clothes) 10g
Light battery charger 172g
Phone/camera charger 70g
Spare shorts/shirt/socks(Desoto Forza tri bib 150g/Rab MeCo 120 ls 135g/Swiftwick 45g
Warmer weight layer:expedition weight wool 272g/fleece 278g*/Patagonia UL down shirt 167g
Post ride Mountain Hardware kilt 372g/ Mountain Hardwear Rifugio pant
Luna Leadville sandals 282g (fivefingers 384g, Nike running flats 322g)
Lightload towels 16g ea
Bronners soap 42g (30ml bottle)
LMF ti spork 20g
Aquamira tabs
Coffee filter
Sawyer Squeeze 68g
Sunscreen (30ml bottle)
Neosporin + 10g
Contact solution 42g (30ml bottle)/container 26g/spares 8g
Bug spray 24g
TP 26g
Brake pads
Mini lock 68g

Rain jacket, Tarp tent, and air mat(stuff that might be wet) go in a roll on the bars, clothes/bedding/camp gear(stuff that needs to stay dry) go in the seat bag, poles and everything else(stuff that may need to be frequently accessed or is heavy)goes in the frame bag.
The bikes:
For all my gravel events:
Trek/GF Cronus CX w/Zipp 404 Firecrests, Specialized Borough Pro XC 700x45 tires, Profile carbon jammer bars.
For multiday mixed terrain and snow:
Fork:Pugsley non offset 100mm customized w/fork leg mount bottle cages.
Headset: FSA orbit x if black
Seatpost: Thompson masterpiece
Saddle: Selle Anatomica
Stem: Thompson x4
Handlebar: Raceface Next SL 
Bar end: Cane Creek ergo
Grips: esi chunky
Brake levers: Paul Love levers
Brakes: Avid BB70 mechanical disc w/160mm rotors
Crankset: Middleburn
BB: Phil Wood stainless
Chain: KMC sl 9 gold
29er Wheelset:
  Front: Stans Flow rim 32hole, Alfine dyno disc hub, double butted spokes 3cross
  Rear: Stans Flow rim 32hole, DT 240 disc hub, double butted spokes 3 cross
  Tires: WTB weirwolf LT 2.55
Revelate frame bag
Supernova e3 triple dyno light
Planet bike superflash tailight
Velo orange bottle cages on fork
Syntace C2 bars

Soon to replace the pugs for all multiday mixed terrain:
Cannondale Flash Carbon 1 (or more likely, Ultimate) 29er



Steve Fuller said...

What's driving the shift to the Flash? Lighter?

Neve_r_est said...

Lighter, faster, stronger...yea.

Ever since I got the Cronus I've been on the search for it's mtb equivelant. Pretty sure the Flash is that bike. Efficiency to the core.