Sunday, April 22, 2007

Burning equations

An equation for you:

A sunny 300K Cedar Valley brevet + 2 applications of Bullfrog sunblock + an unfaired Bacchetta Corsa recumbent + 20-30mph sustained winds ALL DAY + an angry IT band = 14.5 mph avg speed + 13 hours on the bike + finishing a 300K in the dark(?!) + finding a new appreciation for IB profin + remembering what sunburns are all about.


This wind is rediculous.
Its past due time to get serious about working the knots out of my knee.

TransIowa is out for several reasons:
1) Recover the knee before I do any real damage.
2) The Calvins 12hour is the weekend after.
3) I would have been riding another bike with zero test time.
4) I get to do the Decorah TT now, hang out with friends, and enjoy myself instead of riding myself into the ground, getting lost, or passing out on a random gravel road somewhere.


The view from inside the Cuda is up on the pics page in the previous post now.


mtb05girl said...

so does this mean u are randomly going to show up at old capitol and win the 3's?

Squirrel said...

Dude how does it feel to walk? That shit looks sucky:(



Neve_r_est said...

A-umm, maybe next year. I think it's Tracy's turn.

Squirrel-Actually I can't feel the burn on my legs so much, and they were bad enough that they were swelling up. The creases at my elbows are pretty raw feeling. I would guess it's just another "layers of pain" thing. I'm just not used to having both sunlight and the lack of need for layers yet.
Whats the hold up on Decorah? Achilles still givin you crap or budget/family ties?


airing out said...

OUCH~! draw a bath up with warm water. Add milk and baking powder... or maybe it is baking soda? Or maybe just drink the milk.

sydney_b said...

oh, ouch, Dennis.

Anonymous said...

Should have joined us for the 300k in KC the week before. You wouldn't have had to worry about sunburn, but your knee might not have liked the 13,00 feet of climb, or the wind, or the rain...

Pete Basso said...

Dude you and Squirrel sound like a scene from "Grumpy Old Men" with all your achy joints :) JK, hope your feeling better soon. Are you coming to Old Cap this wknd?

Neve_r_est said...

Sam, Syd- yep, letting myself get this burn was really dumb, I really know better. It's amazing how it can slip by when you've got your sunglasses on and other pains diverting your mind.

Duffy-kc300k was 13,000' or 1300'? The IA300k was 5800', but the winds made up for that. I've had the kc brevets on my schedule, but riding an unfaired recumbent in the rain isn't all that entertaining.

Pete-my priorities haven't changed too much, dirt events before road events. Only now its HPV events before dirt events. The Decorah TT is always the same weekend as Old Capitol, me showing up there last year was purely a fluke. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

13,000, in actuality I was off, according to Keith Belling's GPS it was 14,162 feet. The roads down there are horrible as the groups 6 flat tires can attest.
The400k is supposed to be only 10,000 of climb, I don't plan on being there as I am still fighting a case of bronchitis from the 300k.
Brian Duffy