Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy post-Easter-erer

Results here

There's a writeup to come here with much to tell, but I really need to get some sleep at the moment. Click here for pics, the rest will be up soon.



Squirrel said...

What happen to the van?? Did the mate with the tv screen have a front camera for seeing where the hell he was going??


Neve_r_est said...

4000 miles of driving, hit a deer 50 miles from home. Good news: only hit one of the five deer in that group. Bad news: might have totaled the van.

Yes the monitor was for a wee little camera. No pure camera bikes ran at this event however. I had a monitor as supplement to the nose bubble and side windows, but I still couldn't see where I was very well. Riding blind at +40mph is not so much fun.


Dave Krenz said...

Hey, I'm been meaning to tell you that if you need any help on the engineering side of things to give me a holler. I'll be done with all the important stuff in May, besides finding a job.