Tuesday, April 17, 2007


So I've got two streamliners sitting in my shed at the moment. I thought I might do a little pondering on what I might do differently to create a design that would address their shortcomings, take some measurements to see how much smaller of a space I can stuff myself into, and take some pictures to give you a sense of what I've dealt with in the visibility department in these two different designs.

I've only got the pics up from inside the Coslinger at the moment, but I'll have the view from inside the Cuda up in a day or so. Check out the view, pics here


MOD said...

Man that's toight. I think I'll stick to the mountain bike! Looks fast and fun though

3p0 said...

you ever just hang things from the celing in there?

or watch a movie on that lcd display?

I could get into that if I could just veg out pull a cooler along, and watch star wars movies while peddling down the road...

probably would need some old cadie curb fealers for when I started gettin sketchy.

uh, I should probably stick with Mod, and stick to the mnt biking...

see ya soon Dennis, and good luck at your next race bro

Squirrel said...

Those photos are great:)


PoiterH said...

Here's an idea:

Like to talk to you about the foam fairing some time.